The official announcement is here on the Moviestorm Development Blog.

The real meat of what is in it can be found here on the release notes page.

A new upgrade to Moviestorm is coming our way. Shadows enhancement and user interface tweaks are among the upgrades. Go here to read the announcement from the folks at Moviestorm.

BiggsTrek has posted an update on the status of the “… conclusion of ‘Underpants Away!’” He has also posted an image of the conversion from The Movies to iClone of the character cast and costumes. Looks good. Go here for the complete update.

Moviestorm 1.5.1 is now live. In addition to some bug fixes dealing with the WebM importer, the Terrain Editor and a few other items, the folks at Moviestorm have also included a few feature requests. All the particulars are here.

Muvizu Community Roundup Video featuring the release of Version 0.19 of Muvizu, Muvizu Jones by Wabby, the Fantasy Cottage object by Dylly and our recent trip to the BETT Conference in London. Muvizu is free animation software that allows anyone to create their own animated cartoons in full 3D that s available for free from Special thanks go out to our community at for making such fantastic videos and giving us so much to talk about in these videos.

Download Muvizu Today
Muvizu Jones –
Fantasy Cottage –

Credits: Jim for the voice. Patrick for the wordage. Marco for the set design. Michael for directing the video. Jamie for producing it.

Moviestorm announced today that they are adding additional content packs to three of their theme bundles. For the Kids Shows bundle they adding the Fun Land pack. The Situation Drama bundle gets the new Valentine’s pack and the Fantasy Films bundle gets the Halloween, Halloween 2009 and Female Monster Heads packs. If you purchased the Moviestorm Complete Package, you get all the additional bundles. The drawback is that it appears current subscribers will not get these packs added until their subscription updates which could be a month or even a year depending on what subscription plan you have. So, if you signed up for one of the three affected bundles with a 1-year subscription plan last week, you’ll either have to wait until February, 2012 to get the additional packs for free or purchase the additional packs separately.

Further information and the full announcement is available here.

The folks at Moviestorm have released a new update that fixes a few things and gives us a few requested items. According to the Moviestorm Development blog, here are a few of the corrections or tweaks:

* Moviestorm is now better at detecting when a patch has failed to download, and will retry the download correctly after a restart.
* There’s a clearer ‘Moviestorm is locked!’ warning message (when there might be another copy of Moviestorm running).
* And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Moviestorm will recognise when a subscription’s details have been updated, and allow the user to use the updated subscription immediately.

They also added the much requested Shut Eyes & Open Eyes gesture.

The complete update announcement can be read here.

Moviestorm announced today that version has been released. As they stated, most of the changes and/or updates were minor. However, they did slip in one change that I have to believe most people will celebrate and enjoy – Moviestorm will now allow you to try any content pack for 7 days for free. You pay nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. At the end of 7 days you can decide whether to purchase it or rent it for a month if you wish to continue using it. Not a bad deal at all. It is much better than purchasing a content pack for, oh, say $59 or even $99 only to find that it does not meet your needs at all. The 1 day rental of Moviestorm content has been discontinued with the release of You can read more about release here.

The 4.2 update, which includes the 3D Stereo Vision addition, is now available from Reallusion. You can get this update via Live Update when you boot up iClone 4.1 or you can go here to download it.

In addition to the addition of 3D Stereo Vision capabilities, the 4.2 update also fixes some problems and adds a few other capabilities. Here is a list directly from the iClone 4 forum:

v4.2 (4.2.1718.1) released 27th May-10

•Added: 3D Stereo Vision in ‘Anaglyph (Red/Cyan)’ and ‘Side by Side’ formats for both Image and Video output.
•Added: Allow scaling of entire Non-Human Character body.
•Added: .popVideo file format in popVideo Output.
•Added: Export function- alpha channel video in Video output.
•Added: ‘Normal Map’ item in Right-mouse list for texture dragging into 3D window.
•Added: DRM protection for iGlove, iHand and iFace.
•Enhanced: Able to set free size and adjust frame rate, video and audio quality in WMV output.
•Enhanced: Able to show Codec Info in Video Settings.
•Enhanced: Able to open current content folder via the Find File function in the Content Manager toolbar.
•Enhanced: Select function with two behaviors: drag-select from left to right- just touch object to pick all object(s); drag-select from right to left – select all object(s) to pick.
•Enhanced: Loading efficiency enhancement by changing Benny, Dylan, Jana Persona to basic.
•Fixed: Bounding box on sub-object selection was sometimes blocked.
•Fixed: Lock to ratio and lock all channels did not work in new dragging texture.
•Fixed: Corrected normal map direction.
•Fixed: Blend function in Create face did not work properly.
•Fixed: RM output format with DVD NTSC size which caused the AP to crash.
•Fixed: After adding the move command and Collect Motion, it caused the AP to crash when changing the sound clip speed.
•Fixed: Could not load object with UV node when UV data was empty (Props Pack Bugs, Bears pack, Singing Birds…).
•Fixed: Tank track was always moving and could not be stopped.
•Fixed: Could not load some characters because of the buffer overflow (US Navy F-14 Aviator pack).
•Fixed: Updated embedded character (Benny, Dylan and Trey) failed during Mesh replacement in 3DXchange4.

Not a bad bit of work for the iClone developers. A powerful tool for animators, filmmakers and machinima makers just got a bit more powerful. There are still some issues that need fixing and Peter Edwards addressed some of those in the forum. I was particularly pleased to see some fixes regarding .WMV exports. It does appear we’re still going to have to work around the disappearing/reappearing shadow problems. I have not had a chance to test this, but there was no mention of it in the above list as having been fixed. Maybe next update? Please?

Also, you can go here to get even more information on how the Reallusion “Authentic 3D” works.

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