Moviestorm has released the previously teased Indian Culture Pack addon… and it is a steal! Click on the image to the left for a full-size viewing of the sample scene.

Here is what is included as stated directly from the Moviestorm Content Marketplace:

Floor textures
Staggered Concrete Pavement
Dark Rough Tarmac

Ceiling Fan (rotates)
Indian Fireplace (two variations)
Privacy Screen (3 variations)
Market Stall (3 variations)
Telephone Wires (they snap together to make a longer version)
Kerbstones (they snap together)
Street Sign (4 variations)
Dirt Patch (8 dirt options)
Indian Taxi (2 variations)

Kurta (male 4 variations)
Pajami (female 4 variations)

Now, that is a helluva lot of stuff. What is amazing is that Moviestorm has released it for just 500 MSP or roughly the equivalent of $5.00. The pack is available for purchase by following this link. Also at the link destination are further images of the addon pack. My only wish is that it would have contained animations. What animations? I have no idea. I just love animations… almost any animations. ;-) Hey, this is still a steal!

Matt Kelland has posted an image of the upcoming India pack for Moviestorm. It can be viewed here. Now, I am going to have to admit a bit of… ignorance when it comes to this new pack for Moviestorm. When the discussion was of an “Indian” addon pack I assumed we were talking about Indian as in the Old American Wild West. Obviously, from the posted image and explanation in the post from Matt, I was very, very wrong. That is perfectly okay by me. From the first look from Matt, the India pack looks awesome.

Matt Kelland has posted on the Moviestorm Development blog that we could see Moviestorm 1.5 in early December with a few new content packs coming with it. Those new packs include an Indian pack as well as the long awaited sword fighting pack. Go to the Moviestorm Development blog here for the full text of Matt’s statement/promise/hope. ;-)

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