One advantage of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform for authors is the ability to run limited-time free special promotions. That is what I am doing for 2 days with “The Specialists: At Any Cost.” On Thursday and Friday of this week, October 17-18, “The Specialists: At Any Cost” will be available for free download from the various Amazon sites around the world. The promotion should begin at approximately 12:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time, October 17th and will end at approximately 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time, October 18th.

Please, take advantage of this opportunity to see if “The Specialists” is a series you might be interested in. Each episode will be novella length and can be read in 60-90 minutes. “The Specialists: At Any Cost” is the first episode. New episodes are expected to release every 8-10 weeks. The second episode is expected to release next month in November, 2013.

The Specialists: At Any Cost

What if…
The Normandy invasion had failed… Hitler had been assassinated… Russia had betrayed the Allies in 1944… Dewey had defeated Roosevelt… Germany had not lost the war… The war had ended in stalemate… What would our world be like? Welcome to the world of The Specialists.

“The Specialists” is a continuing novella series set in a world of politics, spies and lies where history took a different path. Each installment of this continuing series is its own self-contained story.

A new President, a wounded ally and little time. It is going to be a busy day. In “The Specialists: At Any Cost,” the elite C.I.A. Specialist unit is tasked with smuggling a wounded operative out of France before he is captured and unravels an underground network in France and Germany fighting against the Third Reich of the 21st century.

A new free bonus content prop from Moviestorm. You must be a paid subscriber to get this. You can claim your new free content by going here and following the instructions. The content will then automatically download the next time you start Moviestorm.

What you get:

Flashlight prop (with “off” and two “on” states)
Flashlight held prop (with “off” and two “on” states)

Flashlight animations (male and female):

Get flashlight
Turn flashlight on (bright beam)
Turn flashlight on (dim beam)
Look left (with return animation)
Look right (with return animation)
Look up with return animation)
Turn flashlight off
Put flashlight away

Bipedal Robot
This interactive robot is an iClone Physics Toolbox freebie, and comes with a fully controllable and intuitive user interface that allows you to adjust parameters in real-time such as walking speed, direction, and turning. This robot is even capable of realistic ground movement along both smooth and rough terrain.

This robot’s structure is composed of motorized Physics Toolbox controls and assembled with physics constraints. You can easily assemble any Physics Toolbox elements into your own incredible machines and make your imaginary contraptions a reality!

Download the free robot dummy and customize its appearance with your own mesh attachment here:

Find out more about the Physics Toolbox:

Moviestorm has released another update to the free Bonus Content. The new update includes a toothbrush and electric razor with the necessary animations. Go here or here for more information and instructions.

Digital Art Zone (DAZ) today announced the immediate availability of a free 3D software download at DAZ is offering full retail versions of the following 3D software for free:

– DAZ Studio 4 Pro 3D Software (Winner of 3D World’s 2011 Software Innovation of the Year Award): Retail $429.95
– Bryce 7 Pro 3D Landscape Software: Retail $249.95
– Hexagon 2.5 3D Modeling Software: Retail $149.95
– 3D Photoshop Bridge: Retail $199.00

“We’re excited to make this offer early in the year,” said James Thornton, CEO for DAZ. “We wanted to give any digital artist the opportunity to experience DAZ free 3D software for the first time, and a full suite of 3D models and 3D animation software products is available on”

“This is a limited time offer because the software is valued at over $800,” Thornton continued. “DAZ Studio is the most popular 3D animation software on has over 10,000 add-on products to use in most 3D software applications including DAZ Studio®, Bryce®, 3D Photoshop®, Poser®, Blender and Maya®.” The 3D model site offers a wide range of digital content including 3D human models, 3D anatomy, clothing, animals, vehicles, buildings, environments and 3D animations.

Pricing and Availability:

The free 3D software is available via download only on between now and February 29, 2012. The download is eligible for free updates and upgrade pricing on future versions of each product, a potential savings of hundreds of dollars.

Go to to begin your acquisition!

- Bitfilm Digital Film Festival to Wow City: Deccan Herald

- Why YouTube May Not Be About ‘You’ Much Longer: Business Insider

- Moviestorm Releases Volume 3 of Free Making Better Movies with Moviestorm: Moviestorm Blog

- New v2.7.1 Windows Release of Platinum Arts Sandbox, An Open Source Game & Machinima Maker:

Watch 100000 Movies & Shows Instantly on Your TV

Squirrelygirl has released a wonderful new set of free Halloween props.

Go here to download.

Squirrelygirl’s Free Halloween 2011

Moviestorm 1.4 or later

Set includes:

Victorian Handsom Cab
1. With glass windows
2. Tintable
3. Windows without glass

1. Complete with head
2. Body no head (use Moviestorm jack-lantern)

Single leaf – 4 variations

Set of leaves – 4 variations

Autumn Oak Tree Mod
Autumn Apple Tree Mod
Autumn Sapling Mod
Dead Potted Plant Mod

The people at Moviestorm are giving away more bonus content just in time for those last minute Halloween films. Included is a set of classic tragedy/comedy masks, a customizable hockey mask and a set of truly appropriate weaponry including a machete, a hot poker and a plank with beautiful protruding rusty nails. Animations are also included.

Even more free content from Moviestorm for their Bonus Content pack. This time it is a “pot of pills” or, as we mundane Yanks would state, a bottle of pills. Yet another of those small prop items that adds a bit to your scene. And, as usual, you get more than just a static prop. The pill pot is customizable and can be colored and has a changeable label. Animations include getting the pill pot, reading instructions, opening the lid, shaking pills into hand and swallowing pills. There are two types of pill – capsule and tablet. For more information go here.

The bonus content for Moviestorm keeps getting better and more varied. This time the folks at Moviestorm have given us an elevator. It comes in multiple variations such as one-sided, two-sided, tintable, free-standing, part of a wall, etc. and has necessary animations for both the addon itself and your actors.

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