A new free bonus content prop from Moviestorm. You must be a paid subscriber to get this. You can claim your new free content by going here and following the instructions. The content will then automatically download the next time you start Moviestorm.

What you get:

Flashlight prop (with “off” and two “on” states)
Flashlight held prop (with “off” and two “on” states)

Flashlight animations (male and female):

Get flashlight
Turn flashlight on (bright beam)
Turn flashlight on (dim beam)
Look left (with return animation)
Look right (with return animation)
Look up with return animation)
Turn flashlight off
Put flashlight away

In addition to their recent special offers, the folks at Moviestorm are also updating their Bonus Content pack with a violin and appropriate animations. Click here for more information on this update and instructions on acquisition. Acquisition is my word for the day. ;-)

Moviestorm has released another update to the free Bonus Content. The new update includes a toothbrush and electric razor with the necessary animations. Go here or here for more information and instructions.

The people at Moviestorm are giving away more bonus content just in time for those last minute Halloween films. Included is a set of classic tragedy/comedy masks, a customizable hockey mask and a set of truly appropriate weaponry including a machete, a hot poker and a plank with beautiful protruding rusty nails. Animations are also included.

Even more free content from Moviestorm for their Bonus Content pack. This time it is a “pot of pills” or, as we mundane Yanks would state, a bottle of pills. Yet another of those small prop items that adds a bit to your scene. And, as usual, you get more than just a static prop. The pill pot is customizable and can be colored and has a changeable label. Animations include getting the pill pot, reading instructions, opening the lid, shaking pills into hand and swallowing pills. There are two types of pill – capsule and tablet. For more information go here.

The people at Moviestorm have again added to the free Bonus Pack that comes with every paid subscription to the program. This time they have added a pair of binoculars that is set for use by either male or female actors. The prop should automatically download when you next start Moviestorm or you can get it from the Moviestorm Marketplace. A paid subscription is required.икони

The bonus content for Moviestorm keeps getting better and more varied. This time the folks at Moviestorm have given us an elevator. It comes in multiple variations such as one-sided, two-sided, tintable, free-standing, part of a wall, etc. and has necessary animations for both the addon itself and your actors.

Moviestorm has announced that the Bonus Pack has been updated again. This time the addition is an ATM/Cash machine with the necessary animations for your actors to use it. If you have the Bonus Content license, you should get the update automatically the next time you start Moviestorm. It should be noted that trial users do not have access to the Bonus Pack. Now get out there and stage those robberies and muggings!

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