Lou starts this report with the statement, “Now an unmentionable, a story you won’t hear anywhere in the national liberal media… ” Lou, there is a reason you won’t see this story anywhere else… it is because it is frigging crazy. Lou, you are frigging crazy. Retire. You are embarrassing yourself and the profession you represent.

A salute to Cartoon Brew for bringing this pitiful example of just how low FOX has managed to bury itself and just how unhinged Lou Dobbs has become. Today, they attack “The Lorax.” Tomorrow, they attack “Freeman’s Mind” or “Red vs. Blue” or the entire machinima and animation movement! Beware! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs claims that President Obama’s “liberal friends in Hollywood” are “targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children.”

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